RG Naturfotographie

My Philosophy

My motifs

I find my motifs in the surrounding area - they are more or less commonplace. I also always visit nature reserves, which also have a lot to offer.

For me, a house sparrow is just as worth photographing as a hummingbird or an eagle, a daisy just as much as an exotic orchid.

In nature

My subjects are living objects, as long as they are not landscapes. Here it is important to be considerate. When photographing plants, this means that I don't tear out any plants because they are disturbing.

When photographing insects, it can happen that I catch insects in spider webs. Here I didn't help and threw them into the net.


The photos that I publish here or on other platforms are usually edited. Edited means that I adjust exposure, colours, contrasts and sharpness.

In some cases I remove disturbing elements from the picture - for example the tail of a (neighbouring) bird. It can also happen with portraits of an animal that I have changed the viewing direction - the picture has been mirrored around the vertical axis.