RG Naturfotographie

Animals of the Red List of Threatened Species


Unfortunately, more and more animals (and plants) are becoming extinct. Many others are on the Red List of endangered species.

I would like to photograph these animals to document their loss. The first step - parallel to the other project and in the times when I can't take care of dragonflies in the Black Forest - is to photograph the birds. To do this, I analysed the Red Lists of the western federal states, the complete list for Germany and Switzerland. The result was depressing...

In the Red List, the level of endangerment is categorised. These are

Deutschland International (IUCN)
0 extinct  (EX) / extinct in the wild (EW)
1 critically endangered (CR)
2 endangered (EN)
3 vulnerable (VU)
Vorwarnliste near threatened (NT)